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Finally, A Transparent, Easy Way To Earn Recurring Commissions

This Groundfloor Opportunity Has Finally Been Released Here In The U.S.A.

Available Starting March 10th 2016

Are You Affiliated With

A Senior's Center?

Hospice Organization?

Insurance Agency?

Seniors Recreation Center?

Are You Or Do You Work For An Attorney?

A Ministry Of Any Denomination?

Anything Related To Our Aging Seniors?

If So, Than This Could Be For You!

This Is A Realistic Business Model That Anyone Can Participate In

Finally, An Honest Way To Earn Extra Money And Help Your Community, That You Can Be Proud Of!

I Know This Sounds Like A Cliché But

This could be a life-changing year for you.

‘Those I Love’ has married a revolutionary, highly-desired service
with an innovative model that flips the network marketing
paradigm on its head.

The benefits and advantages have been
shifted to you – the Network Affiliate.

‘Those I Love’ is a remarkable web-based service that allows
Members to privately and securely store meaningful letters,
cherished photos, videos, passwords, and financial/insurance
information in dedicated capsules. These capsules are then
made available to each of their loved ones in the event of their
passing. It represents a new peace of mind for Members and
provides true closure and clarity for those they leave behind.

Because ‘Those I Love’ is about relationships, the most sensible
marketing model is through direct marketing. With a twist.

They have taken the Affiliate model, combined it with the best aspects
of a network marketing model, and flipped the whole thing on its
head to create a fair structure that results in immediate and
substantial income for Affiliates.

Their set up fee of $20 means
anyone can participate as an Affiliate, and building Affiliate teams
is easy.

And that’s the way it should be.

This Carries My Strongest Recommendation!


Our Special Affiliate Business In A Box Below

What This Program Is NOT!

This Is Not An MLM System!

This Is Network / Referral Marketing At It’s Best!

This Is Not A Pyramid Scheme!

This Is Not Your Typical Dubious Internet Product!


Build More than Capsules. Build a Career.
We’ve married a highly appreciated service with an equally innovative compensation plan that is lucrative and simple. Most importantly: it’s fair.

Thoseilove’s Compound Affiliate Network (CAN) model is a hybrid of two proven distribution structures (Affiliate and Network).

They combined the best aspects of both to create a compensation model that allows good people to represent a great product without prohibitive entry costs. It allows you to enjoy immediate income and uncapped growth without the financial burdens of continual inventory purchases or confusion.

Your Affiliate setup/admin fee is $20 annually. That’s it.

Affect Lives. Including Your Own.
As a Network Affiliate, you will act as an important part of our business development team: introducing the service to new Members. This opportunity has presumably been brought to you because you recognize the value of this service, and you’ve been seen as a hard-working, ethical professional who stands to benefit from a marketing opportunity that is the first of its kind.

Build Recurring Revenue
You will earn a $10 commission on all new Memberships sold. You’ll continue earning that commission every year as long as Members remain. Pretty simple. We even feature a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee to make introducing simple. If they’re not thrilled, they can cancel. No questions asked. But that’s just the start.

Exponential Growth Opportunity
Adding Affiliates to your team can have dramatic effects on your compensation, as you’ll benefit from all retail Member sales produced through a six-tier team that you will build and oversee. You will earn $10 commission on all Memberships sold from within your Affiliate network. These commissions too are recurring annuities, as long as those Members remain with All your Affiliate team will need is your Affiliate code. They’ll follow precisely the same procedure you’re about to, and they too can start selling Memberships and expanding their Affiliate team, just like you’re about to.

That’s about as straightforward and rewarding as you can get.

Getting Started is Simple, Just Click The Button Below is a single product. This means a simple proposition that doesn’t require extensive training in multiple lines, or expertise in a particular segment. The benefits are straightforward and easily articulated. And since there is no current competition, understanding the value of comparable opportunities isn’t a burden.

All you need to do is enter your sponsor Affiliate’s code, create your own Affiliate code, then enter your payment information. Registering as an Affiliate will take you about one minute. And you can sell Memberships or grow your Affiliate team immediately.

Not in the US or Canada?
Thoseilove is currently available to Affiliates in the United States and Canada only. They will be launching globally in the near future.

Seriously Folks, Groundfloor Opportunities Don't Present Themselves Very Often!

Fantastic Marketing Materials Included, And I Will Be Offering Some Additions To Their Material

My Full Disclosure: I Am An Affiliate And Will Earn Commissions On This Product! Just Like You Can !

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