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Welcome, And We Hope You Enjoy Our Memorial Services!

How Do I Choose Photos?

During this time of stress and all the things that have to be accomplished, believe me that the easiest way to choose is,

  1. Just pick The First 20 that mean the most to you,
  2. Then pick the family members and friends second.
  3. The Best presentations should have about 50 photos,
  4. if you have video clips, about 2 or 3, but short – 10 – 15 sec duration clips.

Don’t stress over this, the viewers will love whatever you choose!

How Long Does This Take?

The Production Process Is As Follows,

  1. After We Recieve Your Zipped Files
  2. Memorial Video production Is 72 Hours From When We Recieve Your Photo’s / Video’s
  3. 24 Hour Rush Service Is Avalable, Contact Us First
  4. Full Visit Recording takes 7 Days From The Date We Visit And Record Your Story

How Do I Pay For This?

Payment Is As Follows,

  1. First Select The Package You Are Interested In
  2. You Will Be Taken To Our Checkout Page
  3. Once There, You May Chose The Template That You Want
  4. We Use PayPal As Our Processor, And You Can Checkout With Your Credit Card, or Your PayPal Account

How Do I Transfer Files?

File Transfers,

  1. First Zip Up All Your Photo’s
  2. We Will Give You A Dropbox Link To Upload Your Files
  3. Once We Have Your Files, We Will Que Your Production

We Believe That Your Life Story Matters, And Is A Precious Gift for Future Generations.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Me @ 855-267-6454
My Hours Are Listed On The Footer

A Precious Video Memorial Story For Those Left Behind

Our Videos Are Custom Crafted For The Most Memorable Viewers Experiance

These Are Our Memorial Template Samples, Please Choose By Number When Ordering

1. Classic Vintage Light

2. Orange Serenity

3. In His Glory

4. Blue Serenity

5. Classic Vintage Regular

CD Presentation Set

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