Sharing Life Stories, Preserving Family Legacies, Connecting Generations

We Believe That Your Life Story Matters, And Is A Precious Gift for Future Generations.

Imagine if your great-great-grandchild was sitting on your lap, what would you say?
What values and life lessons would you want to pass on?

Leave What Really Matters. More than just Material Possessions – Leave A Priceless Lasting Family Legacy or Ethical Will Video for your loved ones

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What Can Be Done Through Your Family Legacy or Ethical Will Video?

  • Talk to future generations
  • Share Your Values and Wisdom
  • Express Your Hopes And Dreams
  • Give Valuable Advice
  • Tell The Precious Stories Of Your Life
  • Teach The Life Lessons That You Have Learned
  • Seek And Grant Forgiveness
  • Express Your Love

What Are The Benefits Of Recording Your Life Story?

A Life Story strengthens and renews the bonds of family.
People are often surprised to find out how much they didn’t know about their loved one’s life and experiences, and this knowledge gives them a new perspective and deeper connection.

People preparing their Life Story experience the joy of remembering happy times, celebrate all that they have accomplished and survived, and feel a sense of accomplishment in passing on their lessons learned, their wisdom, and their personal values.

The process of preparing a Life Story very often helps people bring their relationships, and the rest of their life, into greater focus.

Why Make A Video?

A video is a very powerful and moving media in which your loved ones are able to watch you, and what a heartwarming experience it would be for them to hear your voice!

Why Is Preserving Your Life Story Essential?

Your Life Story is important.
Creating a Lasting Legacy or Ethical Will Video is essential to preserving what is most important, and ensures that your life and values are preserved and represented in the clearest and most powerful manner possible.

It’s a chance for you to describe the lessons you have learned, and the hopes and dreams you have for your children, and their children, or even other family members and friends with whom you share important connections.

What Should I Expect ?

Step 1: Free Consultation

Each Legacy Video begins with a free, no obligation telephone consultation. During this pre-production meeting, we will explain the process and answer any questions you may have. If you decide you would like to proceed, you will be given a packet of information to help you prepare your story.

Step 2: Planning

After working through the packet of questions, we will discuss the outline of your story and decide on the best way to tell it.

Step 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Once the plan has been made, it’s time to get the camera rolling. We use state of the art digital equipment to create a professional recording of your story. A recording session normally runs about three hours, which results in a finished video story of approximately one hour in length.

Step 4: Digital Editing

Once your story has been recorded, it’s time for editing. A one-hour finished product usually requires 8-10 hours of editing. During this process, your own photos, special effects, and music are added to create a beautiful finished Family Legacy Video.

Step 5: Show Time

Your finished Family Legacy Video will be copied to a high-quality DVD. Each DVD comes with a presentation case and full color packaging.

About Us

About Tom:

I was born in 1951, my Great-Grandfather in 1861. As a young boy sitting on his lap, his stories of a time long ago, of Whaling Ships and Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, captured my imagination.

As I have grown older, and had children of my own, and also being a 15 year plus cancer survivor, I realize how little I knew of his life, my Grandfather’s life, or even my Dad’s life. How easily stories fade, and how I wish I had captured more of them. What a gift those stories would have been to my children. I now realize how short our time here really is.

I began to think about how my skills as a videographer could be used to help preserve such stories. I shared my idea with Sandy, and her response was very enthusiastic. Thus, Heartbeats Remembered was born.

About Sandy:

I was born in 1961. Throughout my childhood, my parents used their silent super 8 movie camera to take movies of my siblings and I growing up. When I got married in 1982, my parents then gave me a silent super 8 movie camera so that I could keep up the tradition of taking movies of my children growing up. To be able to see myself as a child, to look back on my children growing up, and to see my loved ones who have passed, preserved on movie film, has always been very special and meaningful to me.

Last year, our dear friend Peggy passed away. She was 92. We shared many good times together, and I spent many wonderful hours in her living room listening to her tell me stories of her past. I cherish those memories. I do wish, though, that they had been recorded, as, sadly, her stories will never again be heard.

When Tom told me about his desire to get involved in preserving family’s stories, I knew it was a Godsend that we work together on this, as preserving family memories has always been near and dear to my heart. So, in honor of Peggy, I am proud to work with Tom to help families keep the stories and memories of their loved ones alive through Family Legacy Videos.

** Please Note
If cameras make you shy, we can assure you that your family and future generations will treasure the stories you have to tell, whether simple or grand.

We will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the recording session, and will produce a beautiful and memorable record of your life. We look forward to producing your Family Legacy Video, the cherished story of your lifetime.

Sandy & Tom ‘ Griff ‘

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Us Today At 855-267-6454
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How Do I Choose Photos?

This Is Very Easy And Can Be Fun As You Reconnect With Those Memories

  1. Just pick The First 20 that mean the most to you,
  2. Then pick the family members and friends second.
  3. The Best presentations should have about 50 photos,
  4. if you have video clips, about 2 or 3, but short – 10 – 15 sec duration clips.

Don’t stress over this, the viewers will love whatever you choose! If You Need Help Just Give Us A Call

How Long Does This Take?

The Production Process Is As Follows,

  1. After We Recieve Your Special Photos & Videos, We Will Start The Production
  2. Full Visit Recording takes 7 Days From The Date We Visit And Record Your Story
  3. 24 Hour Rush Service Is Avalable, Contact Us First
  4. 855.267.6454 10AM til 5PM CST Monday Through Friday

How Do I Pay For This?

Payment Is As Follows,

  1. First, We Will Discuss and Select The Package You Are Interested In
  2. We Will Direct You To Our Checkout Page
  3. Once There, You May Choose Your Payment Choice
  4. We Use PayPal As Our Processor, And You Can Checkout With Your Credit Card, or Your PayPal Account

How Do I Transfer Files?

File Transfers,

  1. First Scan and Zip Up All Your Photo’s
  2. We Will Give You A Dropbox Link To Upload Your Files
  3. Once We Have Your Files, We Will Que Your Production

Don’t Stress Over This Process As We Can Help, Just Call 855.267.6454

Can I Choose My Favorite Music?

Because Of Licensing Issues And Copyrights With Music You ‘Can Not’ Choose
Your Own Music.

We Will Select An Appropriate Music Track To Use And It Will Be
Copyright Free.
Don’t Stress Over This Process As We Can Help, Just Call 855.267.6454

Losing Your Family's Memories Can Be Devastating!

Our Service Is Vital, Because Once They're Gone, They're Gone...

It's Fun, Easy, Personalized, And Affordable. Call 855.267.6454

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